Corporate & Groups

I have extensive experience of running team development events for groups of individuals and corporate teams in the Peak District.

The opportunity to work in teams, outside the workplace, in a fun environment is proven to have great benefits to team cohesion and motivation within business.

Groups of friends can be accommodated for events such as birthday celebrations, anniversaries or hen/stag nights.

The types of activities available vary, from a dramatic 100ft abseil or a challenging rock climb, to a problem solving point to point challenge.

Accommodation and conference rooms can be included in the booking.

These types of course are open to all and require no previous experience of the outdoors.

Comprehensive information of appropriate clothing and footwear will be given to ensure the enjoyment of your day.

If you are interested in organising an event or activity please contact me.

I can plan, organise and lead overseas trips for you.

Suitable for small teams who would like to climb in a remote area to larger teams who want to complete a challenging high altitude trek

Get in touch with your ideas and let me help you put them into action.

I have over 15 years experience of leading high altitude expeditions to numerous remote areas of the world.

So if you already have a plan, but would like some free advice before you travel, please get in touch.